Information Technology Solutions

ACTA provides information technology solutions to defense and federal agencies. Core capabilities include software development, software engineering/application development, enterprise architecture support, network engineering, data analysis, and cyber operations.

Without sophisticated safety analysis, rockets would be launched from isolated sites. As a leader in analysis, software development, and mission support, ACTA helps open the door to making space more accessible, without compromising the safety of surrounding populations.

ACTA has provided engineering and risk management services to the petrochemical industry for over 25 years. We help facilities meet the requirements of State and Federal agencies to assess the risk of potential accidents. We perform studies to evaluate the hazards and risks to workers and the public from explosions, fires, toxic material releases, and external events such as earthquake, aircraft impact and terrorist attack.

ACTA provides a full range of services for evaluating the hazards and risks from explosions, which include the impact to structures and their occupants and mitigation measures. We perform blast and fragmentation analyses using methods ranging from simplified to detailed blast source evaluation and structural nonlinear finite element analyses. We also perform facility-wide analyses to determine the annual risk considering the probability of multiple explosion sources affecting multiple buildings and their occupants. ​

ACTA provides engineering R&D solutions for a variety of applications in support of range safety and various challenges faced by the DoD, DoE, and NASA. We develop innovative experimental methods, high fidelity physics based (HFPB) numerical solutions, and reduced order fast running models (FRMs) based on suites of HFPB simulations.

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