Software Development

ACTA develops specialized software to characterize complex phenomena and solve complex engineering problems. ACTA utilizes its test driven and CMMI ML3 appraised processes to support its software development practices and integrates its tools into complex customer environments. ACTA is experienced in all phases of the software development lifecycle, code implementation/management, programming, and support operations.

Software Engineering/Application Development

ACTA provides software development, integration, testing, verification, and validation services, using a broad suite of development tools and working with various platforms and environments. Our CMMI ML3 appraised practices to ensure repeatable, high quality solutions are delivered to our clients.

Analytical Tool Development

A risk assessment of complex systems often involves processing large amounts of data from multiple sources. We have unparalleled experience in addressing all aspects of the most complex forecasting problem.  Some of our capabilities include Bayesian modeling tools, Markov-Chain Monte Carlo-based tools, environment and event-sensitive path-integral methods, proportional hazard-based prediction tools, and principal components and specialized neural network models. We also develop knowledge-based frameworks that integrate our prognostics tools into modular “enterprise” level solutions.

Fast Running Models

Many applications are unable to utilize high fidelity, physics-based (HFPB) models directly or at all for reasons such as prohibitive cost and time constraints. In other cases, only empirical data are available to infer underlying behavior. ACC has extensive experience in developing a wide-range of reduced order models (ROM) to simulate complex physical phenomena whenever HFPB models cannot be used. We have ROM modeling technology to simulate essentially any complex modeling problem for which real or virtual data is available.

High Fidelity Physics Modeling

Advanced Core Concepts uses and develops first principle High Fidelity Physics Based (HFPB) numerical procedures and codes, which include: LS-Dyna, CTH, MSC-Nastran, and CartaBlanca. Over many years, we added new capabilities to the Los Alamos National Laboratory developed multi-physics, multi-material, and multi-phase code CartaBlanca. Our solutions are driving transformational changes within the commercial space launch industry, petrochemical refineries, and space transportation management.

Enterprise Architecture

ACTA conceptualizes, develops, and integrates transformative solutions for Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense customers to meet future strategic capability states while supporting the necessary planning, changes to underlying regulatory or policy framework, federating disparate architectures across information pathways, and building new engineered solutions and capabilities to enable enhanced mission support.

Network Engineering & Data Analytics

ACTA provides engineered solutions for enterprise level architectures, network design, network operations, high performance computing systems, data management, cloud computing, and advanced data analytics and visualization to a broad basis of Defense and Federal level agencies.

Cyber Operations

We provide innovative and practical cyber solutions to defense, intelligence, and commercial customers including specialized cyberspace applications, intelligence/integration planning for space and cyberspace, and command and control architecture. We also have experience in risk management frameworks, penetration testing and forensics, system defense and self-protection, offensive and defensive cyber operations, and training.

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